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27 Aug 2020

How to take your Shop online and market your products in a hassle-free way

Why build an online presence?

This pandemic has literally hit us hard and transformed our way of living in so many ways. From virtual classes to work from home, digital transformation can be seen in every corner of the world. Now that the people are opting for online shopping – it’s the best time to take your store online and effectively sell your products.

How to build an online store?

From electronic gadgets to groceries, you can find an online store for almost every product category. Even your competitors are online, then why you should be left behind? With so much information available online, it becomes an overwhelming process to filter out the best and easy way to get your shop online. Here, we’re going to discuss the most effective way to build an online presence for your store. Have a look at the following steps.

  • 1. Choose the best e-commerce platform
  • 2. Register your store
  • 3. List your product catalog
  • 4. Start selling

Just these 4 steps and you’re ready to sell online. Go ahead; go through each one of them.

Step 1: Choose the best e-commerce platform

The first step in this process is selecting the right platform to list out your products. There are two approaches to the same.
One - Getting your own domain website and starting from scratch. But let me warn you, this option takes a lot of time and effort. Not only that, but you would also have to hire some techies if you don’t have the relevant expertise.
Two - Partner up with an e-commerce service provider. With this option, you don’t have to put the effort into product-marketing; e-commerce platforms will do that for you.
As per this market-study on e-commerce in India, around 64% of the whole digital retail trade, in India is via online marketplace platforms.
Now that you’re just starting, you would want to choose a marketplace that provides free listing rather than a paid one.
Hukum-aaka is one of the best e-commerce solutions to market and sell your products. It’s safe, easy to use, and provides free of cost listing.
Moreover, they provide seller workshops and training as well. So you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Go ahead, and take the next step.

Step 2: Register your store

Due to this pandemic, local stores are struggling to serve their customers. That’s why Hukum-aaka is coming forward to help those local stores to turn online and their team is providing automated delivery channels to deliver the essentials at every customer’s doorstep. To get started with Hukum-aaka, you just need to register an account. And for registering yourself, go to the “Become a seller” section at the bottom of the Home page.
If you can’t find it there then you can opt to click here.
Now you’ll be redirected to the following page, where you can start filling out your basic information.
Once you sign up, then you’re just a few steps away to get your online store.

Step 3: List your product catalog

This involves two steps:

  • Step 1 : Add Product
  • Step 2 : Add Inventory

Fill out all these product-related details based on the Category, Sub-category and Multi-Level Category.
If you want to opt for a product delivery service, then it’s provided by Hukum-aaka at an affordable price.

Step 4: Start selling

Now that you’ve registered your account and listed all your products, it’s time for you to sit back and relax. Hukum-aaka will manage your product sales for you.